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We are excited to announce: The first book of our new learning series with Two Cuckoos is now available in print!


CLICK HERE to purchase Two Cuckoos in a Car


Story by C.B. Cheetah, Illustrations by V. Sklabinsky (Paperback - 2015)


Two Cuckoos In a Car is a rhyming story about two cute little cuckoo birds who start in a white car and finish with a colorful car. Each time the brakes squeak, with a honk-honk and a beep-beep, a new fruit and color is introduced and added to the car.



CLICK HERE to purchase Dusty and Rusty 


Story by T.D. Cretella, Illustrations by Dave Manousos (Paperback - 2009)

Dusty and Rusty are two fun loving birds who are best friends. In this rhyming story, Dusty has quite the adventure while he looks for his best friend, with a one-of-a kind ending. Kids of all ages will have fun chiming in with the OOPS-UH-OH!'s as he gets chased by a Big Bully Bee, a Ram, swims underwater and finds an underground route that leads him to his best friend.
C.B. Cheetah visiting a kindergarten class promoting her no-bully song and teaching a rhyming lesson.
Cherry Belle Cheetah influencing Andrew to take a walk. C.B. Cheetah helping a patient take a walk.
C.B. Cheetah with a friend of Storyland Ranch, celebrating her birthday.
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